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Welcome to the Q-Stevia Overview and Informations Center!
Q-Stevia Sweeteners
Q-Stevia sweeteners program offers three product categories:
  1. the Pocket Dispenser,
  2. the refillable convenient Table Dispenser
  3. the refillable Crystal Clear de Luxe GOLD Table Dispenser
1 ECO Manual
Pocket Dispenser
2 Automatic
(100% functioning)
Table Dispenser
3 Automatic
(100% functioning & Crystal Clear)
Exclusive Gold
Table Dispenser
Q-Stevia technical Unique Propositions (USP’s): Sweeteners
  • Q-Stevia sweetener dissolves in only ca. 40-50 seconds in hot water without any stirring with a spoon.
  • In cold water Q-Stevia dissolves in 250 – 300 seconds without any stirring with a spoon. Other does not dissolve or need longer!
  „Designer Series“ Sweeteners
Q-Stevia sweeteners   ‘Designer Series!’   Made in Holland
in gold
Rear nl 01
Tulips flield
Rear nl 02
Rear nl 03
Tulips and windmill
Rear nl 04
Tulips and windmill
Rear nl 05

Over the counter display
Crystal Dispenser with gold foil and picture Blistercard in
Refill 1000 tabs/jar
High Quality Sweeteners
Refillable Crystal Clear de Luxe GOLD Table Dispensers are for people who likes flower and windmills and tourist in London bying as a souvenir or in Paris, Rom with the pop for  Pilgrims sold in millions pieces. Front side in Metal Gold shiny imprint and rear with 5 famous pictures. Every tourist may buy 5 dispensers of course for a gift at home and everybody will know that you were in Italy Rom or Venetia, Holland, Paris, London, Berlin or in China!
 Q-Stevia Sweeteners packing
Q-Stevia sweeteners are available in 3 types of packing:

  • in Blistercards with hanging tab and packed in an over the counter display carton case,
  • in single dispensers hermetically cello-pack sealed and packed in an over the counter show display carton,
  • in single dispensers hermetically cello-pack sealed and packed in bulk of 500 or 1000 pieces.
Every dispenser hermetic cello-pack sealed and printed with batch code and expiry date
180 tabs x 3g ~ 540g
180 tabs x 4g ~ 720g
300 tabs x 3g ~ 900g
300 tabs x 4g ~1,20kg
Professional blistercard version sealed.
ECO Manual
Pocket Dispenser
(100% functioning)
Table Dispenser
(100% functioning)
Table Dispenser
Blistercard in
Q-Stevia Sweeteners Standard and Top quality pure "For Professionals":
Q-products are sweetened with Stevia sweetener from the leaves of the Stevia plant
This is currently seen as the best sugar substitute. It is very sweet about 150x - 430x sweeter than sugar and is also inherently without calories. Therefore it is an ideal sweetener for all people who is cautious to keep them slim and healthy.
In the EEC, the sale of this sweetener was from 1st December 2011 on approved.
On the packaging must state Steviolglycoside ≥ 95%. However, this information is very confusing, because Steviolglycoside ≥ 95% says nothing about the quality of the sweetener.
The sweetener from the Stevia plant consists of about 10 different substances with different properties with different proportions of Sweetness 150x up to 430x sweeter than sugar and is all together called "Steviolglycoside".
The best sweet comes from the Steviolglycoside-Rebaudioside A. This is often written as RA 97 or Reb-A 97%.
The origin of the leaves of the Stevia plant is also important because as it is like a vine plant. The more sun the sweeter and also the time of harvest determines the taste and quality of the leaves.
For a sweetener made from the Stevia plant, it is important to use the best components with the highest purity, otherwise a bitter taste is perceived in coffee.
Q Stevia provides here for clarity:
  • Our "STANDARD sweeteners" are with RA 60 (60% Rebaudioside A with at least 35% Steviolglycoside other species, making together Steviolglycoside ≥ 95% and is comparable to approximately 3g of sugarsweet per tablet. It is a good sweetener.
  • Our "High Purity TOP quality sweetener" with RA ≥ 97% purity and higher is the best quality! It is extra sweet comparable to approx 4g sugarsweet per tablet (For coffee lovers especially recommended!)  
  • With Q-Stevia Sweeteners you need normally only 1 or 2 sweeteners for a cup tea or coffee, due its high quality and the high sweetness per tab. This makes Q-Stevia a lot more economical and convenient for your everyday use.
Sonberg Q-Stevia Sweeteners
Quality Products made in Holland
Q-Stevia MINTI – Candy – Breath Refresheners 

Q-Stevia MINTI breath fresheners have a nice soft long lasting pleasant cooling taste
and refreshing your breath.
Q-Stevia sweetener contains a herbal sweetener “steviolglycosides ≥95%”, which is
extracted from the Stevia plant leafs (Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni) also called honey plant.
This sweetener contains no calories from nature. The plant Stevia originates from South
America. The natives use the sweet leafs thousands of years as a medical and daily food
sweet herbal additive due to its sweet taste and rich contents of anti-oxidants.
Q-Stevia MINTI gives you a fresh breath and sweet pleasant taste after all your meals or drinks.
Q-Stevia MINTI packing
Q-Stevia MINTI’s are available in 2 types of packing:

  • in single dispensers hermetically cello-pack sealed and packed in an over the counter show display carton,
  • in single dispensers hermetically cello-pack sealed and packed in bulk of 500 or 1000 pieces.
Sonberg Q-Stevia MINTI breath refresheners
Quality Products made in Holland


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